Texas Wedding Photographer | Adame/Whitt Wedding

The morning of March 3rd I received a message from a bride while I was at work. The bride mentioned how she was without a photographer for her wedding because something had come up. The kicker? Her wedding was that evening!! I had been feeling unwell but I knew I could not let this bride be without a photographer for her wedding. That is just down right wrong, so I agreed to take on the last minute ceremony at a fraction of the cost. 
(As I said before I wasn't feeling well, I kept getting worse throughout the day to the point I had to visit the doctor next door. Come to find out I had Pneumonia.)
I was so heartbroken because I did not want to be the second photographer to back out on this bride. I contacted the bride and explained the situation and I was glad she was okay with me still photographing the wedding despite the pneumonia. 
I met up with the bride at their venue in Angleton, Texas (Out Under The Trees). The ceremony was a small, intimate and beautiful. The bride, Michelle, made a beautiful bride and her groom, Chad, looked as handsome as ever. Of course, we can't forget her handsome son, Blake who accompanied them at the alter. Blake even warned Chad one last time as he walked down the aisle, that it was his last chance to run. haha. The families were great to work with as well. 
I can't thank Michelle enough for giving me the opportunity to photograph her wedding. It was a beautiful affair. I wish nothing but the best for Michelle and Chad as they continue their journeys together. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Whitt!!