Texas Photographer | What To Wear To My Session?

Lets face it, this is one of the most frequently asked questions as a photographer. I literally get this from 8 out of 10 of my clients. I always tell my clients to dress comfortably, because if you are anything like me, you don't like getting into positions when you are uncomfortable.

There are some basic rules when you are putting together your photo session wardrobe that I like to remind my clients of:
1. Keep it simple. Solid colors are always a safe bet. (Fluorescent colors are not ideal)
2. Keep it consistent. Do not match your outfits but do coordinate them. Choose a couple of colors, and maybe of pop of color and run with it. 
3. If you are wanting a thinner approach, try darker colors as those help thin you out. 
4. If your session location has a woodsy vibe, stay away from the greens. 
5. LAYERS! By adding layers of clothing it adds depth and dimension. Add those belts, necklaces, cardigans, hats, etc. 
6. Dress for the weather and location. You wouldn't wear a suit & tie to the farm so if your session is planned around a farm or barn, it wouldn't be realistic to wear a suit and tie.
7. DRESS COMFORTABLY. Wear what makes you comfortable.

Below are a few options:


I hope this help with the confusion of what to wear for everyone. Always keep in mind that is extremely important that you are comfortable for your session. Wear clothes that fit and express who you are as a person and a family!