Texas Photographer | My Why

I've always been the girl taking the million and one photos. My parents purchased me a little point and shoot camera around the time that I was 13 or 14 and to this day I've always had some type of camera. As I grew up I took countless photos of my friends and I. I captured the portraits you hang on the wall, the crazy memories for us to remember and everything in between. I often heard from others  "you're camera crazy," "you're camera happy," "you take too many pictures," or the simple "chill out with the camera." However, I continued taking those photos and I'm glad I did. Those photos are there too look back on after the people in those photos are gone. The memories come back to me every time I look at those photos. I can tell you exactly what we were doing when the photo was taken. Eventually you may forget about the one time that you went camping with your uncle and swung on the hammock, but when you look back on that photo you remember it all. That's exactly why I take those photos. 

Photos to me are very important. I tote my camera around with me every where I go and take photos of everything because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. The memories may fade but those photos don't. I believe that everyone should be able to afford to capture their memories and hang them on their wall. I know often times people feel like they can't afford to have professional photos taken because a photographer is too expensive. That is why I opened Alexzandra Burrows Photography. My goal is to provide families with the photographs they thought otherwise were impossible. If you would like to book a session to capture your memories, please contact me at aburrowsphoto@gmail.com to schedule your affordable photographic art to hang on your walls.