Villarreal Paint Session | Alvin, Texas Photographer

I could say that this paint session was a blast, but that would be an understatement. This session was so much that they may be new favorite. I met up with Miss Ava and her beautiful mother Ashley last weekend at National Oak Park in Alvin, Texas. We toughed through the chilly, bipolar weather that decided to surprise us. We tried several different types of paint to see which ones worked best for the canvas and clothing. At the beginning Ava only wanted to paint the canvas because she didn't want to get in trouble. After a little bit of demonstration by Ashley, my husband and myself, Ava decided to get in on the fun by putting my paint all over her mother. But she wasn't so happy when Ashley put the paint on her. By the end of the session they were covered in paint and the canvas looked amazing. All of the emotions can be seen in the photos below. Thank you to Ashley and Ava for being good sports.

* It has been confirmed by the client that the paint did indeed wash out of their clothes. It is suggested that cotton material is best. Ashley had a shirt on that was more spandex material and there are faint red spots in a few areas. Otherwise all other clothing materials and colors came out just fine. :) NOW WHO'S NEXT?!