What products and services do you offer?
The products and services that I offer include, but are not limited to:
Family | Newborn/Fresh 48 | Birth | Milestone | Bridal | Weddings | Proposals | Engagements | Events | Gender Reveals | Homecomings | Maternity | High School Seniors | 
The products that we offer are photo prints, matted prints, metal prints, canvases, albums and digitals. 
Don't see what you are looking for above? Contact me! I'm always willing to try something new!

How can I find out if you are available for my event/wedding date?
Good question! Simply email me or use the contact form on my website with your date and I will be glad to let you know if I am available on that day. 

What is a non-refundable retainer fee?
Great question! The purpose of the non-refundable retainer is to secure the date and time you requested for your service. In doing so, I have agreed to turn away any other inquiries for that date and time. Should something come up that you need to cancel, I am fully compensated for the loss of other business and for the time and preparations put forth for your session. 

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes! Please contact me to purchase a gift certificate with any amount that you choose.

Do you shoot on location or in-studio?
I have a small home studio. It can work for indoor newborn and children sessions but is too small for families or multiple people. Most of my sessions are shot outdoors on location. I also shoot in the homes of my clients if thats what they wish.

Can you make me skinnier or whiten my teeth?
Of course I can, however I will not. I would hate for you to look back on your photos are not recognize yourself because the photos are edited. You are beautiful the way you are and when I photograph you I will do my best to make sure you have the best version of yourself without making you unrecognizable. 

Can I have all the images from my session & edit them myself?
Absolutely NOT! I do NOT sell the RAW files from my sessions. I will choose the best images from your session, edit them and provide those to you. Also, under no circumstances should anyone retouch or alter an image captured by Alex Burrows Photography. By doing so or allowing it you are violating the contract that you signed.

How long does it take to receive the photos from the session?
As a general rule, I always tell my clients to allow me two weeks for sessions and 4-6 weeks for a wedding, however it almost never takes that long. I always try my hardest to promptly deliver your photo. Clients who have paid for their session, all business matters are finalized and session is completed will be added to the Queue on my blog. The queue will provide clients with an estimated date that their photos will be completed. Please note, that these are only estimations, life can get in the way and things can change at any moment. 

Do you offer digital images from my session?
Yes! Each of my packages include a specific number of professionally edited digital images with reproduction rights (up to print size 8×12). You have the option to purchase additional digitals if you decide that you want more than what is included in your purchased package. 

How can I view my photos and choose which ones I want? 
Photos from your session will be uploaded to an online proofing gallery. I will provide you with login information for you to access your photos. You can go online and choose which photos you would like or we can schedule an In-Person Viewing appointment for you to look over all of your photos and choose the ones you'd like, as well as give you the opportunity to look at samples of some of the products we offer. Additional photos can be purchased. You can also give the login information to anyone so that they can also view the photos and purchase photos for themselves, if they choose. 
PLEASE NOTE: I only archive your photos for 6 months from the date of your gallery upload. It is possible that if you lose your copies of your photos that they will be unrecoverable after the 6 month time period. 

How do you deliver my photos?
If you purchased digital files with your session package, your photos are available by digital download. I will send you a link where you CAN and MUST backup your files, immediately. Be sure to back them up to several USB sticks/hard drives. The images are your responsibility once they are delivered to you.